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Bangladesh model and film actress Naznin akter happy, a girl from Khulna has been dreaming to become an actress from childhood. She always thinks herself as an actress. Although her pious family did not allow her, she learned singing and dancing from her childhood.

Naznin akter happy used to watch Bangla movies since she got to understand about the Bangladeshi media but her parents rebuked her for that many time but she did not quit. Especially she likes the acting of Shabnur and Moushumi and they inspired her to become a film actress. Last of all Model and film actress Naznin akter happy made her debut in the Bangla film industry through acting in the movie ‘Kichu asha kichu valobasha’ where actor Avi acts with her. The movie was released in 2013 and the central characters of this movie are Moushumi, Shabnur and Ferdous ahmed. The new comer actress attracted the attention of concerned people through her first movie.Afterwards she got the opportunities to perform in commercials and acted in some of them.

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